Doyle Banks, Educator & Coach

Hello and welcome!

I’m Doyle. A dad. A friend. A life-long learner.
A personal and professional
transformation trainer and coach.
I help folks like you develop mindfulness and interpersonal communication skills so that you can transform your life and become the best version of yourself that you want to be.

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You Can.

This video will introduce you to short explanations of how you can deepen your intimate relationship and your relationship with yourself, improve your parenting, and build better workplace relationships. See how you can put the Empathy Advantage method to work in your life.

May I introduce myself?
Here’s why I’m so passionate about what I do!

Doyle found the sweet spot and presents it in this course. He takes threads from mindfulness, non-violent communication and our best current understanding of how the mind and body work together. He weaves these threads into a tapestry that's loaded with ideas we can use to enrich our lives--each day, each moment. Invest a little time, get a little benefit. Invest a lot of time, get a lot of benefit. The door is open, the opportunity is waiting.
The next step is up to you.

DavePortland, OR, USA

I've really enjoyed your reflective and considered approach to this material, and your obvious passion for communicating it to all of us. It has been a most informative and inspiring journey so far.

SuzanneWashington, USA

Doyle remained present throughout the training. These are really helpful tools to offer empathy as well as emotional literacy--super helpful for identifying emotions and needs. Doyle was able to demonstrate the skills over and over--facilitation was skillful and intentional.

ElwoodPortland, OR, USA

The training was extremely helpful for me to recognize more effective ways to communicate both with my clients and peers, offering me communication tools that I had previously been unaware of. I was satisfied in the way Doyle presented the material. He was both mindful and present when teaching.